Run a Subathon

A type of livestream where every time a streamer receives a subscription—US$5 donations from viewers—more time is added to a descending timer – Wikipedia

There are solutions out there to run subathons, but nothing like Streamaze. Streamaze automatically adds time when donations or subscriptions come through. You can change the minute per dollar ratio with a few clicks, and you can keep an eye on the timer from the Dashboard.

Start a Subathon

Go to the Subathon page

Open the sidebar within the Dashboard and click on Subathon (opens in a new tab).

Turn on Subathon

There will be a checkbox labeled Turn on Subathon, enable this and press Save.


Start the Timer

Go back to the Dashboard and at the top there will be a new icon with a flag. Press this to configure your subathon from the Dashboard.

Subathon icon

OBS Widget

The subathon feature comes with a widget for your stream if you want to display the timer to viewers. The widget will update in real time and will display [ENDED] when the timer reaches zero.

Learn more about the widget here.