Media Donations

Media Donations

Media donations are YouTube links that are played by viewers. To configure and test media donations, follow these steps:

Add the Media Share Widget

The media share feature will only play on OBS scenes that have this widget.

This is a widget provided by Streamlabs and it can be added to your Streamlabs OBS scene by simply adding a Media Share source to your scene.

Media Share Widget

Instructions for Regular OBS

If you're not using Streamlabs OBS, you can still add a media widget by adding a Browser source. To find the widget URL, go to the Media Share settings in Streamlabs (opens in a new tab) and copy the "Widget URL"


This URL should be kept private. We cannot generate a new one for you.

Paste the widget URL into the Browser source URL field and click OK to add the widget to your scene.

Browser Source

Open Streamaze

You need to have the Streamlabs Token set in your Streamaze Settings page. You can learn how to do that here if you haven't already. Then open the Streamaze Dashboard (opens in a new tab) to receive media donations.

Test Media Donations

There's an easy way to test media donations within Streamlabs OBS by clicking on the musical note icon in the Mini Feed.

We're going to use the web version to test media donations whether you're using Streamlabs OBS or not.

  1. Go to (opens in a new tab)
  2. Click the "Media Share" tab

Media Share Tab

  1. Click "add media" and paste a YouTube link, preferably one with lots of views

Add Media

Once you fill in the YouTube URL and press Add, it may take a second to process, but you should eventually see the media appear in the Streamaze Dashboard. It will also autoplay the media for the specified duration.


You can change the media settings in Streamlabs on the Media Share Settings (opens in a new tab) page to specify price per second, maximum duration, and more.