Get Started

Your Dashboard

The Streamaze Dashboard (opens in a new tab) is where you'll view your live stream chats, donations, and more. With the Premium plan (opens in a new tab) you'll also be able to remotely control OBS with OBS Ctrl. The Dashboard can be accessed by browser or tablet as long as there's an internet connection.

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Configure Your Dashboard

To configure what's shown on the Dashboard, go the Settings page from the sidebar and adjust the settings to your needs. The following paragraphs break down each section of the Settings page in order.

Streamaze Key

Go to (opens in a new tab) to get your key. It will be labeled "Streamaze Key" and will look something like api-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.


This key should be kept private, as it allows anyone to control your stream! This key will sync your dashboard settings across all your devices. Contact us if you want a new/custom one.

Chat Settings

Connect your Twitch, YouTube, Kick, and/or TikTok channel here. Once connected, the live chats will show up in the dashboard on the right side. We have growing support for badges like members, mods, verified, and more!

Chat Settings

Clip Settings

If you want to quickly clip moments from the live stream, you'll need to configure this section.

You'll also need to setup our Discord bot here to use the clip feature.

Once you've added the bot to your Discord server, you can make the bot send timestamps with the push of a button. Currently supports YouTube.

Donation Settings

Connect the Streamlabs API to Streamaze to view your donations live. Read how to find your Streamlabs token here. Once configured, you'll see superchats, Twitch bits, etc. in the Dashboard on the left side.

Connecting to Streamlabs also enabled TTS features. Read more about TTS here.

To connect Kick or TikTok donation notifications, you'll need to fill in these fields separately. Read more about connecting Kick here.

Donation Settings

OBS Settings

With the Premium plan (opens in a new tab), you'll gain access to our OBS plugin "OBS Ctrl." This plugin allows the dashboard to control your OBS streaming software remotely.

Currently, the plugin supports:

  • Starting and stopping your stream
  • Switching scenes

Stats Settings

See how many viewers you have in real-time by connecting your Twitch, YouTube, Kick, or TikTok accounts. These will be displayed in the top-right of the dashboard.

Lanyard API

Lanyard is a helpful API that connects data to your Discord account. Once configured, you'll be able to use our OBS widgets. Read more about connecting Lanyard here.


Because of Lanyard, it's pretty easy to create custom widgets using our data and useLanyard (opens in a new tab). We'd love to see what you create! Contact us if you make something cool.


By using the browser's location + Lanyard, we can display your location as an OBS widget. This is useful for IRL streamers. The GPS can be toggled on or off in the dashboard.

GPS Setting