Streamlabs Token

To view YouTube and Twitch donations live in the Streamaze dashboard, you'll need to get your Streamlabs socket token. This token is used to connect to the Streamlabs API and listen for new donations. We assume you've already connected your YouTube/Twitch accounts to Streamlabs.

Get the Token

  1. Go to (opens in a new tab)
  2. Click the "API Tokens" tab
  3. Copy the "Socket API Token" and paste it somewhere safe

Streamlabs Token


This key should be kept private. We cannot generate a new one for you.

Add to Streamaze

Now that you have the streamlabs token, go to the Settings page in the Dashboard and paste this into the Streamlabs Token field. Then, click Save.

Now, you'll receive YouTube and Twitch donations through Streamaze as long as the Dashboard is open. Streamlabs also enables media donations, which will also appear and play through the Dashboard.

Streamlabs Token Setting