Start a Giveaway


The giveaway !enter command only works with Kick at the moment. Adding additional platforms for giveaways is on the horizon.

Create an interactive giveaway with your chat. People can register by sending !enter in chat. Then, within the dashboard, spin the wheel to pick a winner.

By default, after someone has won, they are removed from the list. You also have the option to remove all entries by using the "Reset All" button.


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Setup !enter

You'll need to configure the !enter command for your Kick chat. To do, we recommend adding BotRix to your chat. BotRix is a free bot that allows you to add custom commands to your chat.

All you need to do is paste the following command into your chat:

!addcom !enter $(urlfetch ...)

Stake Integration

Streamaze has growing support for Stake (opens in a new tab) partners. You can enable "Stake Giveaway" to allow your viewers to enter the giveaway with their Stake.com username with !enter stake_name. This will also allow you to pick a winner from affiliates that have signed up with your code.

Add Affiliates

If you choose to use the Stake Giveaway option, you need to tell Streamaze who is a valid affiliate. To do this, we recommend using our Chrome plugin to quickly add affiliates from your Stake dashboard.

Using the Chrome Plugin

To add affiliates with the Chrome plugin, simply highlight the table of affiliates from your Stake dashboard, right click, and select "Add referrals as Giveaway entries." You should see a notification that the referrals were added from Chrome.